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What Happens in

Your Colonic Session? 


A session involves the taking of your full case history, questions about your diet and lifestyle followed by an explanation of the procedure. The initial consultation and session takes approximately 60 minutes. Further colonic sessions also take about 60 minutes, including brief dietary advice depending on the result of the session.


At the beginning of the session, you will be asked to go to the toilet to empty your bladder, put on a gown and lie on your side or back on the couch. A new disposable speculum is inserted into your rectum, which will remain in place during the entire session. It is then attached to the silicone piping which allows warm water to flow into and out of the colon.

Special massage techniques will be applied during the treatment in order for the therapist to assist in stimulating the release of stored faecal matter. Herbal implants and coffee can be used during the colonic session in specific cases. Then, the water and waste products leave the colon via an enclosed system which is piped directly into the drainage system.


At the end of the session, simple dietary changes and suitable supplements may be advised to further enhance your session.

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