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I am passionate about what I do! I help empower clients and transform their lives!

I dedicate to helping those who want to achieve and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being by providing personal support and educating people with balanced personalised healthy eating, combined with a colon hydrotherapy session

I am Kaori. I am a colon hydrotherapist and a nutritionist that specialises in digestive health. I help women over 40 who struggle with IBS to regain control of their symptoms and get back to feeling their best.

My Speciality

My Story


I suffered from asthma and severe eczema throughout my early childhood and in my teens. Every time I had a cold my asthma attack kicked in, with a high temperature and severe vomiting which lasted for a week. My eczema became out of control and spread all over my body with intense itching and weeping. I remember I had to cover them with bandages for weeks, as I felt very embarrassed about going to school looking like a mummy. My asthma was no longer the issue by my late teens as my immune system became strong. However, I did not realise the long-term use of steroids and antibiotics, and unhealthy lifestyle choices could impact my gut health. No wonder why my IBS symptoms started to manifest from my early twenties.

I started to get very bloated after meals, and I had to sit down or lay down for hours due to severe abdominal pains whenever I had reactions to food. I felt like my stomach had a balloon inside. I was heavily constipated, and my bowel regularity was every five days, which was the norm for me. I was feeling under the weather all the time, and my mood was very erratic.


As I felt so fed up with being unwell for a long time and I noticed food was one of my triggers, I began researching a link between nutrition and my IBS & wellbeing.  My eczema and IBS symptoms drastically improved by changing my diet & lifestyle and dealing with emotional issues.


My thirst for knowledge in health and my desire to feel better became a mission.

My passion for health transformed into becoming a vegan chef, and being qualified in naturopathy, nutrition, colonic hydrotherapy, and systematic kinesiology.    


My journey of recovery took some time with a lot of trial and errors.

More than a decade of studying and working with people who suffer from IBS has given me knowledge and expertise with the tools to support them to regain control of their IBS.

Working with me can help you get some normality back to your life much quicker than I did, as I will be guiding you through the journey.

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