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Celery Juice Review

It has been a few months since I have started to drink celery juice. I must say I feel good in general, enjoy drinking it and love the taste. If I need more energy or have a sense of pick-me-up feeling, celery juice has been very helpful to me.

What was most helpful to me was recovering from Jetlag. I had to make an emergency trip back home to Japan and spent an intense 8-days there.

As you can imagine, coming back to the UK takes a 16-hour flight and a 9-hour time difference was hard on my body. I landed in the UK at 6 pm and I had a busy practice next day.

What got me through next day was homeopathic remedy called Jetlag and the celery juice!

If I hadn’t known the power of celery juice, I would have suffered from jetlag badly for a good few weeks.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stick to it every day, but I am keeping it at least a few times a week. I have been getting very positive feedback from my clients, so if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend that you do

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