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A Mini Cleanse / A Preparation for A Colonic for Better Outcome

This recommendation is for anyone who doesn’t have any particular health problems and is planning to have a colonic but wants better and easier outcome.

When you want to cleanse your body, it makes sense to avoid foods that clogs up in the large intestine. This build up of the waste will create more toxins and imbalance of gut flora. Over time this then may contribute to “various health symptoms” – feeling sluggish & tired, bloating, poor skin complexion, and etc etc.

Stage 1:

Reduce your toxic overload such as

- Tea & coffee

- Alcohol

- Sugar – sweets, cakes, pastry, white bread and rice

- Processed foods & junk food

Some people find avoidance of these foods and drinks difficult, so try this at least a week or longer prior to having a colonic.

Stage 2:

Refining the stage 1. If you are on stage 1, I encourage people to eat balanced diet with good quality proteins, lots of greens, some fruits, nuts, seeds & wholegrains. A plenty of water of course.

As you have managed to stay on stage 1 for 4 weeks, I would like you to try the next step:

- Avoid gluten (if you avoid gluten, you will avoid wheat anyway)

- Avoid dairy

Gluten in grains and Casein in dairy products are very sticky, so it can cause the waste build up.

I don’t recommend commercial gluten free products which has high in sugars and yeast to replace your bread for example. Please read the labels before you buy any products so that you are aware what’s in the food.

- Introducing of green smoothies & green juice in addition to your meal

If you have digestive issues, having green smoothies and green juice may not be the right choice, so you just have to experiment and see what works for you. If you need advice for what vegetables and fruits mix may be better choice for you, please get in touch.

Stage 3:

When you really want to prepare for better cleanse, eating solids foods is not best way forward.

Many clients do a 3-5 day juice cleanse or even longer cleanse if you are more experienced in this area.

There are many juice cleanse companies that provide you fresh juices to your home and office.

My suggestions are:

- Try to choose green vegetable options where possible

- When you feel cold, try to have a broth instead of the juice.

- Take 1-2 psyllium husk powder three times daily. Mix in a small glass water and stir it well but drink immediately.

Taking fibre supplements is very important when you are on the juice cleanse! I often find that clients are just on the juice alone don’t release as much waste matter as those who take fibre supplements.

If you feel you need a little bit of energy, you may want to have a nut milk (as long as you don't have nut allergy). Some juice cleanse companies offer a nut milk in their selection.

The best time to have a colonic during and the end of the cleanse depending on the duration of your juice cleanse.

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